Train Chug Chug
Train Chug Chug

Train Chug Chug

Welcome aboard the train-tastic journey of Sticky Monkey Labels, where we specialize in keeping your little ones' belongings on track with our delightful Trains Chug Chug design!

Picture this: a choo-choo adventure right on your kiddo's belongings! Our iron-on name tags are like tickets to a whimsical world of locomotives and cabooses, ensuring that jackets, shirts, and even the trusty backpack stay securely labeled for any adventure that comes their way. With our stick-on labels for clothing, every garment becomes a personal carriage on the train of fun!

But wait, there's more! Our Trains Chug Chug collection doesn't just stop at clothing labels. Nope, we've got your little conductor covered from head to toe (literally)! Introducing our shoe stickers, the perfect way to make sure those sneakers stay with their rightful owner, even in the hustle and bustle of the playground.

Heading off to camp? Fear not! Our labels for clothes for camp and camp name tags are here to ensure that sleeping bags, water bottles, and even that trusty flashlight don't end up lost in the wilderness. And when it's time to hit the books, our name labels for school supplies are here to make sure every pencil, notebook, and ruler finds its way back home.

Oh, did we mention our labels are dishwasher-safe? That's right, even the messiest mealtime won't derail these labels' staying power! So hop on board the Sticky Monkey express and let the adventures begin with our personalized name stickers and kids labels that are as fun as they are functional!

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