Struggling to get your kids to put their shoes on the correct feet? Our Foot-Shaped Shoe Labels take the guesswork out of left and right, using a fun foot design to help children easily identify which shoe goes on which foot. Kids will adore the whimsical shape, while parents will appreciate the morning hassle it eliminates!

These personalized shoe labels come in cute foot shapes that teach left from right, making them perfect for kids shoe labels. Customize each label with your child’s name and number, adding a personal touch to their footwear. Choose from fun designs or simple left/right labels to suit your child's preferences.

No more mixed-up shoes or tears! Our custom shoe labels are perfect for parents of toddlers and young children, transforming the dreaded shoe-tying process into a breeze. Say goodbye to morning meltdowns and start your day stress-free with shoes that are clearly labeled left and right.

1"w x 2"h
6 Pair Shoe Labels Per Sheet


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