Step into the cosmic Galaxy, where your child's belongings get a whimsical makeover! Introducing our stellar collection of name labels designed to jazz up everything from clothes stickers to shoe labels. Blast off into a universe of creativity as you personalize your little one's gear with our eye-catching name stickers.

For parents navigating the chaotic galaxies of daycare and school, our Galaxy collection is your trusty co-pilot. Our iron-on name labels for clothing ensure that no sock goes astray and no jacket gets lost in the black hole of the lost and found. Daycare clothing labels that keep items easily identifiable. Let's not stop there! Stick on our durable camp labels, and rest assured that your child's belongings will return from intergalactic adventures unscathed.

Say goodbye to the days of frantically searching for misplaced items! With our stick-on name labels, your child's supplies will be as unique as a shooting star in the night sky. From backpacks to lunchboxes, our school supply labels add a dash of cosmic flair to every classroom mission.

So, gear up for a journey through the cosmos with our Galaxy collection. Because when it comes to keeping track of your little explorer's belongings, our name labels are truly out of this world!

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