Dino Fossils

Dino Fossils

Welcome to the land of prehistoric wonders where even the ancient beasts leave their mark! Introducing our latest label design: Dinosaur Fossils! These labels are dino-mite for keeping track of your little one's belongings in style. From iron on clothing labels to stick on clothing labels, we've got you covered from head to toe in dino-riffic fashion.

Imagine your kiddo sporting their favorite tee adorned with a T-Rex iron-on label, proudly declaring their ownership in the most Jurassic way possible. Or perhaps they prefer a stick-on label featuring a playful Triceratops, perfect for labeling their beloved daycare items or school supplies. With our Dinosaur Fossils collection, every item becomes a relic of their adventures!

Heading off to summer camp? Fear not! Our camp name labels and child clothing label are as tough as a Stegosaurus plate, ensuring that your child's gear stays safe and sound throughout their wilderness escapades. And when it's time for the new school year, our labels for school supplies roar with personality, making sure that notebooks, pencils, and backpacks never go extinct in the sea of classroom chaos.

But wait, there's more! Don't let those tiny feet get lost in the shuffle—our shoe stickers featuring adorable dino footprints will guide them on their daily adventures with every step. Whether you're navigating the jungle of daycare drop-offs or trekking through the wilds of school halls, our Dinosaur Fossils labels are here to make sure your little explorer's belongings are always easy to spot. Let the adventure begin!

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