Animals in Space
Animals in Space

Animals in Space

Welcome to Sticky Monkey Labels' whimsical Animals in Space collection, where imagination takes flight! Explore our range of labeling solutions designed to add a touch of cosmic charm to your child's belongings. From shoe stickers to personalized name stickers for kids and stick-on clothing labels, our collection offers a fun and practical way to label daycare items and keep them organized.

Ensure your child's shoes are out of this world with our vibrant and durable shoe stickers. Perfect for little astronauts on their daily adventures, these stickers ensure their footwear is easily identifiable amidst the stars. Our personalized name tags for kids add a personal touch to their belongings, making it easy to label daycare items such as backpacks, lunch boxes, and water bottles.

Keep daycare items labeled and organized with our stick-on clothing labels, designed to withstand the rigors of daily wear and tear. Whether it's clothing, blankets, or toys, our labels ensure that your child's belongings are easily identifiable and stay with them throughout their daycare journey. With Sticky Monkey Labels' Animals in Space collection, daycare organization is fun, easy, and out of this world!

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