Introducing our popular Construction Label design, tailor-made for your little one's adventurous spirit! At Sticky Monkey Labels, we understand the importance of keeping your child's belongings organized and easily identifiable, whether they're off to camp, school, or daycare. Our personalized name labels for kids are here to make labeling fun and hassle-free.

Let's start from the ground up with our Shoe Labels, designed to withstand the rigors of playtime and exploration. With vibrant construction-themed designs, your child's shoes will stand out in the crowd, making it easy to keep track of them in busy environments. And with our durable, waterproof materials, you can trust that these labels will stay put through every puddle and adventure.

But we don't stop at shoes! Our Clothing Stickers are perfect for labeling everything from t-shirts to jackets, ensuring that your child's favorite outfits never get lost in the shuffle. And for those items that need a little extra durability, our Iron On Name Tags are the perfect solution. Simply personalize, apply, and enjoy long-lasting identification for clothing, bags, and more. Perfect clothing labels for daycare.

Whether it's for camp, school, or daycare, our Construction Labels are here to make labeling a breeze. With their waterproof design, these labels are perfect for everything from water bottles to lunchboxes, ensuring that your child's belongings stay organized and easy to identify no matter where their adventures take them. So why wait? Explore our collection today and make labeling as fun and unique as your child's imagination!

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