Camp Label Packs
Camp Label Packs

Camp Label Packs

Introducing our Camp Labels, the ultimate solution for labeling all the items your child needs for day camp or sleepover camp. Our Camp Packs contain a combination of waterproof camp name tags and matching clothing labels for camp, making labeling for camp a breeze!

Our waterproof camp labels are highly durable, waterproof, and tear-resistant, ensuring they can withstand whatever adventures your child embarks on. The clothing labels are available in iron-on or stick-on options and are household washer and dryer safe, providing lasting durability for all their camp clothing and gear.

All labels can be customized with your child's name and optional phone number, adding an extra layer of security and peace of mind. Our personalized camp labels are perfect for labeling shower essentials, towels, bedding, camp clothing and shoes, water bottles, laundry bags, duffle bags, and so much more!

Make it easier to identify your children's belongings at a glance before sending them off to summer camp and help ensure that lost or misplaced items find their way back to you with our cute (and tough) camp labels!

Each Camp Pack contains 45 Camp Name Labels plus 40-48 matching Clothing Labels for Camp of your choice, providing everything your child needs to stay organized and prepared for camp.

Number of Labels:
85 Personalized Labels
Clothing Labels:
Includes Matching Clothing Labels
Label Swap Option:
Don't need a size, SWAP it!


Waterproof Labels Dishwasher Safe Labels Microwave Safe Labels Freezer Safe Labels Tear Resistant Labels Long Lasting Labels

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