African Safari
African Safari

African Safari

Our African Safari collection brings the wild charm of the savanna to your everyday items. Whether you're organizing your little one's belongings for daycare or simply adding a touch of personality to their gear, our iron-on clothing labels, clothes name stickers, and shoe labels are perfect for the task. Designed with vibrant colors and adorable safari animals, these labels not only serve a practical purpose but also add a fun and playful flair to any outfit or accessory.

Our iron-on clothing labels are a must-have for busy parents and caregivers. Say goodbye to lost items at daycare or school with these durable and easy-to-use labels. Simply apply them to your child's clothing or belongings, and they'll stay put through countless washes and wears. For those items that require a bit of extra personalization, our clothes name stickers are the ideal solution. Customize each label with your child's name and favorite safari character for a touch of individuality.

Don't forget to label your little one's shoes with our convenient shoe labels. From playdates to adventures in the great outdoors, these labels ensure that their footwear always finds its way back home. Whether you're a parent looking to stay organized or a daycare provider seeking a practical labeling solution, Sticky Monkey Labels has you covered with our African Safari collection. Shop now and add a touch of wild fun to your child's belongings!

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