Sticky Monkey Labels, your launching pad for top-notch custom name labels, clothing labels, shoe stickers, and baby bottle labels, all orbiting in a constellation of captivating designs. Our mission is to make labeling your little astronaut's belongings as effortless as a zero-gravity glide while infusing each item with personality and cosmic charm.

At Sticky Monkey Labels, we understand the gravity of keeping track of your young explorer's gear, whether they're embarking on missions to daycare, school, or beyond the stratosphere. That's why we offer a diverse fleet of custom name labels and clothes stickers, allowing you to customize each label with your little astronaut's name and favorite celestial designs. From adorable aliens to cosmic constellations, our designs cater to every cosmic cadet's taste and preference.

But our mission doesn't end there. Our shoe stickers are essential equipment for your labeling arsenal, ensuring your little astronaut's footwear remains securely labeled during their out-of-this-world excursions. And for parents of cosmic crawlers and toddler cosmonauts, our baby bottle labels provide a convenient solution for tracking bottles and sippy cups through warp-speed washes and sterilizations.

With Sticky Monkey Labels, you can bid farewell to lost belongings and say hello to stress-free cosmic organization. Explore our Astronauts collection and discover the perfect designs to accompany your young explorer's interstellar adventures. Blast off into the labeling cosmos today and add a dash of cosmic fun to your labeling routine!

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