Mermaid Scales
Mermaid Scales

Mermaid Scales

Dive into the fantastical world of Mermaid Scales – the enchanting label design that'll make your kiddo's belongings stand out like treasures in a sea of sameness! Picture this: your little one's clothes adorned with shimmering scales, their name woven into the fabric of their adventures. These iron-on labels for kids are like tiny treasures from the depths, ready to splash some whimsy onto their wardrobe. The best clothing labels!

Whether it's clothes labels for daycare, camp name tags, or custom kids labels for their prized possessions, our Mermaid Scales are a splash of magic that sticks with them through every splash in the pool or dive into imagination. Choose from a variety of colors inspired by the vibrant hues of the sea – from oceanic blues to coral pinks, there's a shade to suit every little mermaid or merman in your life.

But wait, there's more! Don't forget about those tiny tootsies! Our shoe stickers aren't just practical, they're downright adorable. Picture those little feet adorned with scales fit for an undersea adventure. With our Mermaid Scales shoe stickers, your child will be the talk of the playground – in the best possible way, of course! So, let your little one's imagination swim free with Mermaid Scales – the name tags for kids that make every day a magical voyage.

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