Welcome to Sticky Monkey Labels, where every item is kissed by the warmth of sunflowers! We're all about adding a splash of color and a dash of personality to your kiddo's belongings with our delightful range of name labels.

Let's start with our iron-on name labels- the superhero of label land! These little wonders will stick around through every adventure, from school days to summer camps, ensuring that your child's clothes never go wandering off on their own escapades. And speaking of clothing, our stick on labels for clothing are like tiny wardrobe wizards, magically keeping track of shirts, shorts, and socks with their vibrant sunflower designs.

But wait, there's more! Heading off to camp? Fear not! Our clothing labels for camp will ensure that sleeping bags and swimsuits alike find their way back to your camper with ease. And for the scholars among us, our name labels for school supplies are here to save the day, keeping track of every pencil, ruler, and notebook in the classroom jungle.

But the fun doesn't stop there! Our dishwasher-safe labels are perfect for those lunchboxes and water bottles that seem to have a habit of going on unexpected journeys. And for the ultimate personal touch, our personalized name stickers let your little one's individuality shine through with every label they stick.

So whether you're labeling shoes for the playground or backpacks for a grand adventure, Sticky Monkey Labels are here to add a sunny touch to every moment of childhood magic. 

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