The Best Fonts for Name Stickers and Name Labels

Dec 28th, 2022

The Best Fonts for Name Stickers and Name Labels

The Best Fonts for Name Stickers and Name Labels

Dec 28th, 2022

For parents that are about to send their kids off to their first day at school or at daycare, there are a lot of things that they often need to take care of. Packing their kids' bags, for example, can require a huge amount of organization. It's not enough to just stuff all of their things inside a bag and call it done. You also have to take into account the fact that the chances that your kids might lose one or two things at school if they're not properly labeled.

Labeling your kids things, on the other hand, doesn't require a professional designer. After all, what's most important when it comes to name labels is that the labels themselves are legible and readable.

That said, we've listed a couple of do's and don'ts that you might want to consider when designing or picking out some name stickers and labels for your kids.

Stick-On vs Write-On Name Labels

A couple of advantages that stick-on name labels have over write-on labels is the fact that they're quicker and easier to make, and they're consistent. The problem with write-on labels is that unless you're very careful and particular about your handwriting, each label will most likely have different end results when it comes to the names written on the labels.

Choosing printed labels over handwritten ones is generally better because it will be easier for others who are unfamiliar with your handwriting to read.

Why Typography is Important

Of course, not all printed labels are ideal for name labels and stickers. This is where good typography comes into the picture.

Of course, the topic of accessible fonts for design can be a hotly debated topic, especially amongst designers. But for your regular moms and dads that are simply looking for a good and proper way to create custom name labels for their kids, what matters most is that your font is legible and readable.

Best Fonts to Use When Designing Custom Name Stickers

In the search for ideal fonts to use for your kids' name stickers, it's important to consider both what's legible and what's available.

There are a lot of good and amazing fonts across the internet. The problem is that not all of them are easily accessible. Some require you to pay for their use, whereas others may not be compatible with the program or software you're using.

In cases like these, Microsoft fonts fit the bill of being accessible. However, for Sticky Monkey Labels, we’ve picked out a couple of fun and legible fonts that fit well with our name stickers. Let’s have a look at some of these fonts that we have available.

1. Rounded

Rounded fonts are sans serif fonts with rounded corners. There are a ton of different rounded fonts available across the net, however this one we’ve chosen has nice bold letters that make them easily recognizable, as well as readable, making it perfectly suitable for your name stickers.

2. Marker

Marker is another sans serif font with rounded corners that we’ve chosen for our labels. If you prefer a rounded font with the same fun and child-like vibe as the first, but with thinner lines, then the Marker font might be a good fit for your name labels.

3. Blenda

Blenda is a serif typeface that’s also slightly cursive and italicized. Despite its serifs, though, it’s still a good readable and legible font for those looking for something more curvy and elegant.

4. Bubblegum

The Bubblegum font may remind of a certain pack of gum that used to be popular back in the day. This typeface tried to capture that same effect. With thicker and bolder lines, this font has thinner spaces between letters, making it able to contain more letters (should your child’s name be pretty lengthy) while still packing the same impact.

5. Covington

Covington is a serif typeface with thinner spaces in between letters, which also makes them perfect for longer names. If your preferences lean towards serif typefaces, Covington is a good pick.

6. Komika

Taking inspiration from comic book fonts, Komika is a rounded sans serif typeface that’s also reminiscent of the famous Comic Sans font. One difference between them, though, is that Komika is slightly italicized.

7. HFF Fourth Rock

HFF Fourth Rock is a fun serif typeface that resembles hand writing, but with those extra flourishes common with serif typefaces. It’s perfect for anyone looking for a fun font with that dash of elegance.

Buy Ready-Made Name Stickers

Customizing your own name stickers and labels can be both fun and entertaining, especially if you're doing it together with your kids. But sometimes, life can get busy, and designing your own name labels might prove to be a task that you'd want to leave to a partner like us. After all, Sticky Monkey Labels takes design into account when it comes to the name labels that we provide our customers. Because we're a mom-owned business, we know just how busy and tired moms can get.

So if you're looking to grab a whole bunch of name stickers and labels and have them shipped straight to your door, ready to peel and stick, then just place an order here on our website and you'll be labeling your kid's things in no time at all!


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