Make Life Easier on Yourself as a New Mom With These Tips

Feb 23rd, 2023

Make Life Easier on Yourself as a New Mom With These Tips

Make Life Easier on Yourself as a New Mom With These Tips

Feb 23rd, 2023

Adjusting to life as a new mom will require more than a few changes to your lifestyle. The first few months will have you looking after your newborn 24/7, which can be tough if you don’t prepare yourself–and your home–for it beforehand.

Getting ahead of the challenges that will present themselves before you need to face them is key to having an easier time of it all. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help:

Use Labels to Organize Your Baby Bottles

Baby bottle labels, such as the ones that we sell here at Sticky Monkey Labels, can be advantageous for several reasons. These include:

  1. Improved hygiene: Labeling baby bottles with the child's name helps to prevent cross-contamination and reduces the risk of illness caused by using the wrong bottle, especially in daycare settings.
  2. Avoid confusion: With multiple bottles in use, labeling helps to avoid confusion and ensures that the right bottle is given to the child.
  3. Organization: Baby bottle labels help to keep the feeding routine organized and ensure that bottles are not misplaced or lost.
  4. Time-saving: When bottles are labeled, it's easier to grab the right one and start feeding, saving time and reducing frustration.
  5. Easy identification: Labeling baby bottles makes it easier for caretakers and others to identify which bottle belongs to which child, especially when bottles are stored in a shared space.

Our baby bottle labels are a perfect fit for just about any size baby bottle. They’re also waterproof and safe for use in the bottle warmer and dishwasher. Additionally, any writing you put on them can be easily erased, allowing you to keep the information on them as updated as necessary. 

Put Together a Postpartum Recovery Basket

Most books on pregnancy contain lots of information about what happens to your body as your child grows inside you. However, many of them are lacking in terms of what to expect after you’ve delivered–and a lot can happen! Having a baby takes its toll on your body, and you’ll want to be prepared for all of the challenges that will present themselves when you bring your baby home.

Putting together a postpartum recovery basket can help provide relief from certain symptoms so that you can heal up faster. It’s best to put one together before you leave for the hospital so that it’s ready for use once you get back. Here are the items that need to be in it:

It’s also a good idea to stock up on comfortable undergarments, such as nursing bras and tank tops, which help provide support to your breasts while making breastfeeding easier. You’ll also want to keep a lot of loose and comfortable clothing on hand to help support postpartum recovery as well as comfort throughout your healing period.

Tip: you can use some of our helpful clothing labels to not only keep your baby’s clothes organized, but your own as well!

Whip Up Meals in Advance

The first few weeks after having a baby can be incredibly exhausting. You’ll find yourself sleeping a lot less, and you won’t have the time or energy to be cooking meals for your family.

An easy way to make sure that there’s going to be something filling and nutritious on the table at each meal is to prepare dishes that keep well in the freezer, and to make enough of them to last a couple of weeks after your baby is born. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated; you may want to try:

  1. Casseroles: Casseroles, such as lasagna or mac and cheese, freeze well and can be reheated for a quick and convenient meal.
  2. Soups and stews: Thick soups and stews can be frozen and then reheated for a hearty, comforting meal.
  3. Vegetables: Many vegetables, such as carrots, peas, or corn, can be frozen and used later as a side dish or in a casserole.
  4. Baked goods, such as bread, muffins, or cookies, can be frozen and then reheated or thawed for a quick snack.
  5. Sauces and dips: Sauces, such as tomato sauce or pesto, and dips, such as guacamole or hummus, can be frozen for later use. All you’ll need to do is cook a few servings of pasta to go with the sauces, or get out a bag of chips for the dips.

Tip: meal prep is great, but it’s even better if you know what you’re looking at inside of the fridge at a glance! Use our write-on container labels to keep track of what you have available and even specify the date it was prepared so nothing spoils. Our write-on labels are refrigerator and freezer safe and can be written on over and over again.

Name Labels for a Variety of Needs

Baby bottle labels aren’t the only options we have here at Sticky Monkey Labels! Whether you need some name labels to help with organizing your baby’s clothing items, toy bins, shoes, or just about anything else, we have a handy solution. Write-on labels, iron-on labels, you name it!

Life as a new parent can certainly be hectic. Let our name label solutions help take away some of the stress and confusion. Take a look around our store to find the perfect labels for you.


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