Labeling for Daycare

Jun 4th, 2021

Labeling for Daycare

Labeling for Daycare

Jun 4th, 2021

When time comes for that precious little one to head off for daycare you many times get put on a waiting list and hear nothing for weeks while maternity leave is quickly coming to an end. Then SUDDENLY the Daycare calls with a spot open just in time. They quickly remind you of what you need to do and bring, including labeling all belongings with their name, at least one change of clothing, baby bottles are required to have date, contents, and name. You're excited, you're scared, you hang up the phone and now "WHERE DO I GET LABELS?". You could go for the old masking tape and marker trick, but let's face it, that's good for a few days and then you're replacing it. You're a busy parent juggle enough already. That's why we do our best to give you one less thing to worry about.

Our Daycare Label Pack is designed with all the label sizes we ourselves as parents found useful for our own children when they we're in daycare. In addition, we've designed clothing labels in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials and baby bottle labels to fit any baby bottle on the market today and meet daycare requirements.

Filled with 106 waterproof name labels, our Daycare Label Packs are available in over 100 designs. These labels are perfect for lunch boxes, back packs, food containers, drink containers, ointments, wipe containers, and more. You can also add matching clothing labels of your choice to any pack you purchase.

If you have more than one child, we offer our customers the option to split any of our labels with multiple names, at no extra charge. So, if you purchase a Daycare Label Pack and split the pack with two or three names, we will split that Pack as evenly as possible between those names.

Iron On Clothing Labels and Stick On Clothing Labels for DaycareLabeling clothing for daycare is super easy with our Stick-On Clothing Labels, also known as our Peel 'n Stix Clothing Labels. Peel 'n Stix Clothing Labels are to be applied to garment care tags or tagless imprints inside clothing and stay wash after wash, until you remove them. However, if you have a little one that may suck on a labeled bib, blanket, jacket, etc., for safety reasons it is better to use our permanent iron-on's on those items. Our iron-on name labels are super soft and once applied they fuse perfectly with any iron safe fabric.

Baby Bottle Labels for DaycareIf you need to label baby bottles, we offer a wide variety of Write-On Baby Bottle Labels to fit the bottles you use that are sure to meet your daycare's requirements. Our Write-On Baby Bottle Labels come with one removable marker and pencil for you to use. Once your label is placed on your bottles, you simply write on them daily, erase the writing, and re-write for the next day. Our Baby Bottle Labels are waterproof, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, refrigerator safe, freezer safe, and bottle warmer safe.

You're raising a tiny human and we know what it's like to be juggling babies, schedules, meals, the household, work, and somehow carve out a little me time. We hope with our variety of products we've designed that it will make day-to-day responsibilities a little easier.


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