40 More Places To Put Your Kids’ Personalized Labels

Jun 18th, 2024

40 More Places To Put Your Kids’ Personalized Labels

40 More Places To Put Your Kids’ Personalized Labels

Jun 18th, 2024

Personalized stickers have become quite popular in recent years. You often see them on luggage and suitcases, laptops and tablets, water bottles and scrapbooks. They're a great way to decorate and personalize some of your most prized and often-used possessions.

For young kids, stickers are also often seen as one of the simple joys in life. After all, you probably remember collecting stickers yourself when you were younger, and sticking them onto nearly any and every reachable surface.

Name Labels can be just as Fun as Stickers

Personalized labels aren't that much different for young kids. Though the label's primary purpose is to help identify ownership of an item, they can still be just as fun and creative as you want them to be.

After all, a lot of label printing services these days offer custom label options wherein you can design them yourself and then have them printed and delivered.

That said, if you're planning on purchasing custom name labels to use for your kids possessions, here are a couple of ideas on where you and your kids can slap on those labels on a fun-filled afternoon.

Personal Items

There are a number of things that kids usually carry every day, whether to school, day care, a picnic, or any outing. In each of these cases, you, of course, want your kids' stuff to easily be identifiable, especially if you notice that a lot of other kids own similar-looking items. What are these personal items?

  1. Stuffed Animal
  2. Blanket or Lovy
  3. Backpack
  4. Luggage
  5. Hard lunch boxes
  6. Reusable Food Containers
  7. Water Bottle
  8. Eyeglass case
  9. Pencil case
  10. Purse or wallet
  11. Phone case
  12. Tablet

Paper Goods

Do your kids keep a journal, a series of sketchbooks, collectible cards binder, or even just school notebooks? Adding stickers and personalized labels on the covers or between the pages are a good way to both add a dash of personality as well as claim ownership to their work. Here are some awesome paper goods and materials that you can add stickers and labels to:

  1. Journal
  2. Planner
  3. Binders
  4. Notebook
  5. Sketch pad
  6. Clipboard
  7. Calendar
  8. Filing folders
  9. Scrapbooks
  10. Gifts and gift wrapping
  11. Bag tags
  12. Guitar case (or other musical instrument case)

Sporting Goods

Are your kids on the more active and athletic side? Perhaps they're into certain sports, or they like to hang out, travel, and explore the outdoors.

                 personalized labels

Stickers and personalized labels can add that touch of uniqueness and individuality. And the added bonus for parents is it keeps all that expense gear coming home. Here are some sporting goods you can decorate with those stickers:

  1. Sports Equipment
  2. Dance Gear and Costumes
  3. Bicycles
  4. Scooters
  5. The bottom of a skateboard
  6. Snowboard
  7. Skates
  8. Hockey Equipment
  9. Scooters
  10. Surfboards
  11. Sleds

Furniture and Decor

While putting stickers onto walls and furniture may not be for every family, they can still be a great way to allow your kids to express themselves within the confines of their own room. Allowing them that self-expression, after all, can help them build more confidence as well as give them that opportunity to discover more about themselves.

If you aren't too keen on having stickers slapped across every inch of your kids' rooms, however, you can always make compromises. Here are some places and pieces of furniture that could be good places to let your kids put their stickers and labels.

Working Desk - one way to maintain the integrity of a desk while at the same time allow your kids to explore is by adding a sheet of glass on top of the desk itself. This way, they can both attach stickers to the glass as well as write on it with a whiteboard marker.

Piggy Banks - What might encourage your kids to save their allowance more than a personalized bank?

Bedroom and cabinet doors - Giving your kids the freedom to decorate their bedroom doors can help them feel more secure and comfortable in their rooms. Because it's that personal touch that will help them feel as though they truly own it. A personalized label on their door, for one thing, can also make their room feel sort of like a kiddy office space.

Other Furniture pieces to consider adding stickers to:

  • Mirror
  • Picture frames
  • Lamps
  • Bookshelf
  • Plastic storage containers
  • Toolbox or toy box
  • Flower pots

Choosing the Right Labels & Stickers

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when it comes to finding the right labels and stickers to put on your child's belongings is if they're waterproof, dishwasher proof, and safe for the laundry as well. After all, if you're placing them on things you often wash, like their backpacks, water bottles, and lunch boxes you want to choose labels and stickers that can last.

Here at Sticky Monkey Labels we specialize in high-quality child-friendly custom labels to add to your kids' belongings. From handy school supply label packs to clothing labels and more, you’re sure to find what you need right here in our store, so take a look around!


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