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All Things Spring Round Write-On Labels

SM 1.8" | LG 3"
# of Labels
SM 24 | LG 18

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Our re-writable Write-On Round Labels in our fun-themed designs are a great way to label baby bottles, as well as drink and food containers going to Daycare. You can also use them in the kitchen, around the home, and in the office.  Customize with a name or leave blank.  Available in two sizes.

Each order comes with one semi-permanent marker and one waterproof pencil to use with your labels. Be sure to read the information provided on the "Instructions" tab above to read how the marker and pencil provided can be used.

 icon-proddescrip-02.pngSIZE AND DURABILITY icon-proddescrip-01.png APPLICATION AND CARE  icon-proddescrip-03.png CUSTOMIZING OPTIONS


     1.8 inches (Diameter) or 4.5 cm

     3 inches (Diameter) or 7.6 cm


  • Waterproof
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Microwave Safe
  • Sterilizer Safe
  • Refrigerator and Freezer Safe
  • Weatherproof
  • Tear-Resistant
  • Re-writable, but not re-positionable


  • Use on plastics, glass, metals, paper/cardboard
  • Apply labels to a smooth, clean surface
  • Will not stick to silicon


In the dishwasher, top rack placement is recommended.  No sanitary dishwasher cycles.  If applied to metals, hand wash only. Bleach, detergents with bleach additives, or essential oil additives will cause premature fading.


Comes with one pen and one pencil designed to be used with our Write-On Labels. View the instructions for usage of each on the "Instruction" tab above.


Customize with:

  • Name up to 25 characters

Multiple Names:

Yes!  You can split your order with multiple names.


Great for dating baby bottles, drink and food containers that go to daycare, leftovers, freezer meals, canned foods, homemade baby food, breast milk containers, and more.


Labels are removable with intent.  Supervise small children and assure labels are fully adhered before the item with a label is given to small children.  Supervision is always advised.


Applying Your Labels

  • Labels should be applied to a clean, dry and smooth surface.
  • Clean the area the label is to be applied to with isoprophyl alcohol to assure no greasy film interfers with the adhesion of the labels. Dry completely.
  • Make sure your hands are clean, dry and no newly applied lotions or creams are on your hands prior to removing the label from the paper backing.
  • Remove the label from the paper backing and apply the label to your item.
  • Press to assure the label is fully adhered.
  • Rub out any air bubbles that might be present by pushing to the edge with your fingertip.
  • Rub over the label edges to assure all edges are fully adhered.
  • Wait 24 hours before washing, but you can write on immediately.

Caring for Your Labels

You can clean any containers with your labels adhered by hand washing or placing in the dishwasher. In the dishwasher place your containers on the top rack, no sterilize or pots and pans cycle please.  Exposing your labels to bleach or detergents with bleach additives will cause premature fading.  For labels applied to metals, hand wash only.

To Remove Your Waterproof Labels

Simply peel up a corner of the label and slowly lift until the label is removed. If your label has been exposed to heat during it's lifetime or applied for a period of time you may have some sticky residue left behind.  If this occurs you can remove the remaining adhesive with rubbing alcohol, vegetable oil, or a sticker/adhesive remover such as Goo Gone®. Be sure to read the cleaners usage instructions prior to using on your containers surface.


Semi-Permanent Marker

After writing on your label with the semi-permanent marker it takes just seconds for the ink to dry.  Ink can be removed with isoprophyl alcohol 91% (Standard Medicine Cabinet Alcohol 91%, a lower percentage and writing may not remove) by moistening a paper towel, rag or cotton ball with alcohol and rubbing the writing until it's gone.  Dry your label and write again. 

NOTE:  The semi-permanent marker must be removed prior to exposing your label to heat of any kind or the ink will not be 100% removable.

Waterproof Pencil

After writing on your label with the waterproof pencil you can remove the writing by simply rubbing it off with a clean rag or paper towel and it's ready to write on again.  Our waterproof pencil is waxed based.  If you have pencil residue remaining after wiping add a drop of grease cutting dish detergent to a rag and wipe clean. 

NOTE:  The waterproof pencil is removable after exposing your label to heat with writing on the label.

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