Rewards Program

Rewards Program

Rewards Program


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Earning points for our VIP Rewards Program is easy! Once you create an account you can view your VIP Rewards Dashboard at any time to see your earning HISTORY, view the many ways to EARN rewards and see your available REWARDS. All three links: HISTORY, EARN and REWARDS are at the top of your VIP Rewards Dashboard.  Access this Dashboard with the orange VIP Rewards button in the bottom left of your screen or by signing in to your Sticky Monkey Account and clicking VIP Rewards from your list options there.


When you sign up for our Free VIP Rewards Program you instantly earn points, just for creating a Rewards Account! First, you need to have an Account on our web site, then you can sign up for a VIP Rewards Account. This is how our VIP Program tracks your activities to award points for your activities.

If you don't already have a Sticky Monkey Account, click to create one now. If you do have a Sticky Monkey Account and you're ready to create a VIP Rewards Account simply sign into your Sticky Monkey Account and click the VIP Rewards link in your list of options there or click the orange VIP Rewards button in the bottom left of your screen.


Once you're signed up for our VIP Rewards Program, visit the VIP Dashboard and start earning points by clicking "EARN" at the top of the Dashboard. When you click "EARN" on the Dashboard you will find multiple ways to earn points, other than by making purchases. For instance, once in the Dashboard on the Earn screen simply scroll through the earning options, you might click on Share on Facebook, and the Dashboard will walk you through the steps of how to post a Share link on Facebook.

Below we've outlined the ways you can earn points and how each earning option works.

    • All Purchases Earn Points

      When shopping on our web site be sure you're logged into your account to earn points on any purchases made. Coupons are emailed to you automatically when you reach 500 Points, 1000 Points or 1500 Points. Those coupons can be used on any purchase. If you missed a coupon in your email you can log into the VIP Dashboard and click on Rewards to retrieve any earned coupons.

    • Share Us on Social Media

      Another easy earning opportunity is to share us on social media. Log into your VIP Rewards Account, click on "EARN" at the top. And select from the various "Share On" options including Facebook, Instagram, etc.. Once someone clicks on the share link you created, you earn points. Share multiple times to earn more points. Points for share links are updated within 24 hours.

    • Refer a Friend

      Log into your VIP Rewards Account, click on "EARN" at the top. Select "Refer a Friend" and you can share a link to our website via Facebook, Email or Twitter. Once your friend clicks the link, creates a Sticky Monkey Account, and makes a purchase, you earn points. Refer more friends, to earn more points. Note: If your friend does not create an account, then our system does not know to reward you points. Be sure to remind them!

    • Write a Product Review

      Create your VIP Rewards Account.  Then write a product review on any product(s) you've purchased. How you do this is find the product(s) on our web site and the review form is at the bottom of every product page. When creating your review be sure to fill in your complete name and email address associated with your VIP Rewards Account or we won't know who to award the points to. You can earn points for each review you write for each unique product. Simply rating the product without writing a review will not earn points.

    • Birthday Bonus

      What could be easier than earning points for having a birthday! Be sure to provide your birth date or child's birth date when you create your VIP Rewards Account and your points will be awarded on the provided date annually.


      • When you reach 500 points, 1000 points or 1500 points you will automatically receive a coupon via email, which you can use on a future purchase. At any time you wish to retrieve a coupon you may have missed in your email, simply sign into your Sticky Monkey Account, click VIP Rewards in your list of account options, and at the top of the VIP Rewards Dashboard click "Rewards". If a coupon has been earned, you will find the coupon code there.


      • At anytime that you wish to view your available points, earning history, participate in earning activities, or need to retrieve a coupon, simply sign in to your Sticky Monkey Account and click "VIP Rewards" from your list of options. Everything you need is available in the VIP Rewards Dashboard. Be sure to also follow us on social media, because you never know when we might have other fun earning opportunities like a double points day. Don't miss out, social media links are at the bottom of this page.