Rewards Program

Rewards Program

Rewards Program


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Earning points for our Rewards Program is easy! Once you create an account you can view your Rewards dashboard at any time via the widget at the bottom of your screen.  The dashboard will show you the many ways to EARN rewards, view available REWARDS, and more.


When you sign up for our Free Rewards Program you instantly earn points, just for creating a Rewards Account! Sign up by clicking the "REWARDS" widget at the bottom of your screen.


Once you're signed up for our Rewards Program, scroll through the widget dashboard and find the many ways to earn points.

    • All Purchases Earn Points

      When shopping on our web site be sure you're logged in via the REWARDS widget and every purchase you make earns 5 points for every $1 spent.  You can accumulate points if you wish and receive coupons. 

      500 points = $5.00 coupon
      1000 points = $10,00 coupon
      1500 points = $15.00 coupon

    • Refer Friends

      GIVE $5 GET $5
      In the dashboard you'll find you can refer friends via Facebook, email or by sharing your personalized URL. When your friend(s) utilizes your link and makes a purchase they get $5.00 off their purchase and you earn a $5.00 coupon.

    • Share Us on Facebook

      Another easy earning opportunity is to share us on social media. Once someone clicks on the share link you created and makes a purchase, you earn points. Instagram share is not available yet unfortunately.

    • Like Us on Facebook or Instagram

      Simple and easy, just like us on Facebook and Instagram and instantly earn points!

    • Birthday Bonus

      What could be more simple than earning points for having a birthday! Be sure to provide your birth date or child's birth date and earn a reward annually.


      • Points can be redeem by visiting the Rewards widget and clicking "Ways to Redeem". Any available redemption's will be will be listed here and you can simply click the "Redeem" button next to each and follow the prompts to "Apply" to your current cart or copy the coupon code yourself and paste it into the "Coupon" field at checkout.


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