The Mom Behind the Labels

The Mom Behind the Labels

Hey, I'm Dodie!


I was born in California and raised in a small town in Oklahoma on a quaint little farm.  I fell in love with creativity, technology, and business. I combined those passions into a successful career in business management until my prayers were answered and with a leap of faith started my own business. Was it easy - No, but I was determined with a work ethic that wouldn't let me fail. I used all of my passions to create Sticky Monkey Labels, which fondly includes my first son's nickname, Monkey.


I knew if I were to go out on my own I had to offer a product that I believed in wholeheartedly. That's why all of the products we offer are custom-made and developed by me. We don't have stock sitting on a shelf we purchase to resale, every single order is custom-made. I continually support other women-owned and Mom-owned businesses, knowing how truly important it is and how many roles we fill in our households daily.


Now, a Mom to three boys and a successful business owner my life stays super busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. My mission is to be the best Mom I can be and continue to combine my passions into building and expanding this amazing brand.


To all of my customers, I can not thank you enough for helping me to do just that. Your continued business and referrals amaze me daily.