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Back To School

Back To School

Sticky Monkey Labels, your go-to destination for personalized name labels and name stickers! Our extensive range of custom products includes custom name labels, clothes stickers, shoe stickers, and baby bottle labels, all available in a variety of delightful designs. Whether you're gearing up for daycare, preschool, school supplies, summer camp, or sports, our versatile labels and stickers are here to make your life easier.

Our back to school name labels are perfect for keeping track of your child's belongings in any setting. From backpacks to lunchboxes, water bottles to textbooks, our labels ensure that everything finds its way back to its rightful owner. Choose from an array of fun and vibrant designs to suit your child's personality and interests, making organization a breeze with our personalized name labels.

For those busy mornings when you're rushing to get the kids out the door, our custom clothes stickers are a lifesaver. Simply peel and stick onto clothing tags, ensuring that jackets, sweaters, and uniforms stay labeled and easily identifiable or choose our iron on name labels for clothing. With our durable and waterproof stickers, you can trust that your child's clothes will stay labeled wash after wash.

Don't forget about our shoe stickers and baby bottle labels! Keep track of shoes at daycare or camp with our shoe stickers, which easily adhere to the inside of shoes. And for parents of little ones, our baby bottle labels are a must-have for labeling bottles and sippy cups, whether at daycare or on-the-go. With Sticky Monkey Labels, you can trust that your child's belongings are in good hands.

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