Introducing our enchanting Damask collection, where style meets practicality in the world of children's name labels! Whether you're decking out your little one's wardrobe or gearing up for a summer camp adventure, our Damask labels are the perfect blend of whimsy and functionality. The best stick on labels for camp and more!

For those busy mornings when you're rushing to dress your kiddos, our iron on clothing labels are a lifesaver. Simply apply them to their favorite tees, pants, or jackets, and voilà! No more mix-ups in the laundry room or at school. And for those items that need a quick fix, our stick on clothing labels are here to save the day. From socks to sweaters, these labels will stick with your child through all their adventures.

But our Damask collection doesn't stop there! Say goodbye to lost baby bottles with our adorable baby bottle labels. They're not only practical but oh-so-cute, adding a touch of charm to your little one's feeding routine. Heading off to camp? Don't forget to pack our camp name labels to ensure all of your child's gear makes it back home. And for busy days at daycare or school, our labels for school supplies are a must-have for keeping track of pencils, notebooks, and more.

And let's not forget about shoe stickers! With our shoe stickers featuring delightful Damask designs, your child's footwear will stand out in style. No more mix-ups in the shoe cubby or locker room—these labels will keep those kicks where they belong.

With our Damask collection, labeling your child's belongings has never been more fun or fashionable. Say hello to stress-free organization and goodbye to lost items—shop our Damask labels today!

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