Order Tracking

Order Tracking

Order Tracking

Will I receive an order confirmation email?

Yes, you will receive an order confirmation email upon successfully placing an order. You will also receive a shipping notification email as soon as your order is ready for shipment. If you do not see these emails in your inbox be sure to check your email account spam folder OR you may have make a typo when entering in your email address.

How Do I Check the Status of and Track My Order?

Log into your account and on the account page click “View Order Status” option. There are also links to check order status in the emails you will receive regarding your order.

Missing Package

We're sorry to hear your package is missing, but we're happy to help!  If your package tracking number shows your package is delivered, but you can't find it follow the below steps.

    • Check your receipt and confirm your delivery address
    • Look for a notice your mail carrier may have left you
    • Check the mail box, front porch, or any other places the mail carrier may have left a package larger than a letter size envelope
    • Ask your neighbors if maybe they saw it or picked it up for you
    • Wait one extra day

Still can't find your package, call us and we'll open a case with USPS to help you get your package located. We'll file a case with USPS to help get the package found.