Customizing Tips

Customizing Tips

Customizing Tips

  • Can I split my order with multiple names?

    Yes, you can split orders with multiple names as long as the labels are of the same design. Read the next question to learn how.

  • How do I split my order with multiple names?

    When customizing your labels type "Split" in the "Name Field" and in the "Special Request" field type your names separated by a comma. If you are ordering a label design with color choices, you can specify a color per name.  You could specify: "Blue-Tanner Smith, Pink-Elizabeth Smith".

  • Can I order labels blank?

    Yes, we can order any of our labels blank by simply typing "Leave Blank" in the name field. If desired you can purchase our removable markers and pencils to use on the labels or use a permanent marker of your choice.

  • Can I add accent marks to my name?

    Yes, we can accommodate common accent marks in names. Sometimes these marks can be hard to see, please leave a note in the "Special Request" box notify us of the accent marks so we do not overlook them.