Choosing the Best Iron On Name Labels for Your Kids Clothing

Dec 1st, 2022

Choosing the Best Iron On Name Labels for Your Kids Clothing

Choosing the Best Iron On Name Labels for Your Kids Clothing

Dec 1st, 2022

Are you having trouble keeping track of your kids' belongings? Maybe they've just started school or daycare and already you've noticed that some of their extra tops and bottoms are missing. Or maybe you have several kids, and keeping track of which clothes belong to whom is becoming increasingly difficult for you to track and remember.

If that's the case, then maybe it's time for you to consider putting some iron on name labels on your kids' clothes. After all, name labels have some very practical uses and benefits.

Choosing the perfect name labels, though, can be more complicated than it first seems. There are several things to consider, after all, when choosing the right type of label to add to your kids' clothing. And in this article we'll cover some of those considerations.

Stick-On vs Iron On Name Labels

The first thing you have to consider when it comes to choosing the right clothing labels for your kids is whether you want to go with stick-on or iron-on name labels. The differences between the two is, as their names suggest, the way you attach them to your clothing and one is permanent and one is not.

Stick-on labels are a fast and easy way to place labels onto clothing. Simply peel and stick! Perfect for parents with more than just one kid, they're a great way to quickly label your kids' clothes before they enter school or daycare. Stick-on clothing labels are household washer and dryer safe and can be removed when needed.

Iron on name labels, on the other hand, are applied to clothing using the heat from your regular household iron. They're also easy to apply, very durable, and permanent once applied. And the fact that they're ironed onto your clothes means that they're able to bond very well to your fabric, making them last long despite repeated washing.

What Fabrics are Iron on Name Labels Compatible with

Iron on labels are capable of bonding perfectly to several types of iron-safe fabrics, including:

- Cotton

- Polyester

- Cotton-poly

- Acrylic

It's important to note, as well, that iron on labels are permanent. Once they've been adhered properly to any piece of clothing, you'll be unable to remove them.

Best Application for Stick-On Clothing Labels

Stick-on Clothing Labels are super easy to apply. They must be applied to garment care tags or to the largest part of the tagless imprint inside clothing. Stick-on clothing labels stay applied until you need to remove them and last wash after wash. This is great for families that hand down or resell their children’s clothing.

Choosing the Best Design for Your Iron On Name Labels

Now, when it comes to picking out a design for your iron on name labels, it might seem obvious to simply choose the designs that best fit your kid's interests and personality.

However, it's also important to take into account the function of name labels as well. After all, the purpose of labeling your kids' clothes is so that they don't get lost, misplaced, or mistakenly exchanged with other kids' belongings. That said, it's a good idea to consider the different design elements of the name label that you're choosing.

Here are a couple things to consider:

1. Choose Contrasting Colors

When it comes to clothing name labels, some parents might first consider choosing labels that blend in with the colors of their kids' clothing. After all, having your name labels sit at the opposite end of the color spectrum might end up being an eyesore.

However, having your clothing label design appear in a color that contrasts the piece of clothing you're attaching it to has a purpose and a function. Getting a label to slightly stand out will allow the label to function better. It will make it easy to find and hard to miss.

After all, having name labels that won't be noticed or seen defeats their purpose. You want those iron on name labels to stand out just enough that any parent, kid, teacher, or daycare staff will notice them at first glance.

2. Big, Bold Fonts

Never go for cursive fonts, especially when it comes to labels of any kind. As pretty as they may look on your kids' clothes, they only add more strain and stress.

Instead, choose big and bold fonts. Go for the font types that have thicker lines, making them more visible and noticeable. Don't go for fonts that are too stylish either. Stick with easy to read fonts like our Rounded font to minimize any possible confusion or misinterpretations when reading each letter.

The easier it is to read the name on your labels, the better.

3. Match it with Their Personality

Finally, choose the designs that matches your kid's interests and personality. This helps make your kid's belongings more easily recognizable. If your child likes robots, for example, then whenever you see an item with a robot name label, you'll be able to easily distinguish and identify which things belong to your child, and which ones don't.

What's more, choosing designs that fit into your kids interests may also increase their sense of ownership for their stuff, and make them take extra care to make sure that they don't get lost or misplaced.

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Clothing Labels That Last

The most important thing to consider when it comes to choosing the right clothing name labels is longevity. After all, kids can be very active, which means that their clothes are easily dirtied and need to be washed frequently.

For that reason, you want to choose iron on name labels that can withstand this constant wear and tear and can last long until your kids outgrow their old clothes.

Thankfully, that's something we specialize in.

So if you're looking for iron on name labels that are beautifully designed, washer and dryer safe, and are capable of lasting years and years, check out some of our available designs here on our website!


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