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How To Apply Our Iron-On Kids Name Labels

How To Apply Our Iron-On Kids Name Labels
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 How to Apply Your Kids Iron Ons
  • Ironing Board or flat, hard, heat safe surface
  • Household Iron - Preheated to Cotton Setting, NO STEAM
  • Thin Overlay - This can be an old pillow case, a piece of scrap fabric, parchment paper or other thin material that can be used to lay over the iron-on and the clothing item.
  • Iron-On's
  • Clothing Item
 Iron Setting for Kids Iron Ons
   Preheat your household iron on the "Cotton" setting, NO STEAM.
Removing the iron on name label
  Removing Your Kids Iron-On

The easist way to remove the iron-on from the paper backing is to bend the backing right at the edge of the iron-on you want to remove.  Then, slightly lift the iron-on by rubbing the edge of it with the bottom of your finger.  When doing this, you should see the iron-on start to lift from the backing.  Then you can continue to lift it until it is completely removed from the backing.  If use your fingernail to lift the iron-on, you will most likely remove part of the backing along with the iron-on.  Be sure to use the bottom of your finger.

If you have difficulty for any reason, simply start again at another side of the iron-on.  Bend the paper packing at the edge of the iron-on and continue as stated above.

Laying the Iron On Name Label onto Your Item
   Laying the Iron-On Name Label onto Your Item Next, lay your iron-on onto your clothing item.  The iron-on should be FACE UP, so you can read the name on the labels.
 Apply the Overlay for your Kids Iron On Label
   Apply the Overlay for Your Kids Iron On Name Label Gently put your overlay on top of the iron-on, being sure not to move the iron-on from where you want it.
 Ironing on Your Kids Iron On Name Label
   Ironing on Your Kids Iron On Name Label

Place your iron onto the overlay where the iron-on is and apply light pressure to get the iron-on slightly adhered.  This helps make sure the iron-on stays where you want it and doesn't slip on you.  Next, increase the pressure by slightly pressing down on your iron.

You want to heat the iron-on for 1 - 1 1/2 minutes to get it fully adhered.

 Your Finished Kids Iron-On Name Label
   Your Finished Kids Iron-On Name Label Let the iron-on cool and it's ready to wear.  Wait 24 hours before washing.

We sincerely appreciate your purchase from Sticky Monkey Labels and hope you enjoy your iron-on's as much as we do.

Happy Labeling!