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Our Story

Our Story

We are a couple of girls raised in a small country town in Oklahoma and we happen to be sisters.  We’re the two youngest of five girls.  Four girls very close in age and then me, Dodie, eight years later.  And like most sisters there were instances of torment and torture, but also many instances of pride and admiration, and not just because our Parents told us to.

Today, Chrissy has four children and a supportive husband and continues to live in Oklahoma close to the majority of our family.  Shortly after school I moved and settled in Arkansas and have two boys and a great husband, who all keep me young at heart and on the move. 

Our business started with a simple idea, a dream, a lot of prayer, and a phone call to my sister.  Immediately after we began testing and development and launched our business.  We split responsibilites of our business between Oklahoma and Arkansas and it all works great, thanks to technology.

But no matter what we do being a Mom is the most important job in our lives.  And between the two of us we have been there.  In fact, we are there.  We have children in diapers, in preschool, elementary school, and even college.   We do the shuttling from school, soccer, softball, summer camps, and field trips.  Carpool, boy scouts, dance classes.  We've lost and misplaced our share of belongings amongst it all.  Let’s face it!  No one wants to constantly replace their child’s lost belongings.  Not to mention the financial strain this can put on a household.  Sticky Monkey Labels was born from this one premise.  We needed a cost effective way and super cute way to label our children’s belongings.  And making them fun was just an added bonus!  But more importantly, our labels work. 

They are cost effective, waterproof, dishwasher and microwave safe, laundry safe, and weather resistant.  And don’t forget they are super-cute! 

Our labels are designed and created by mothers, for mothers.  This is who we are!

We thank you for visiting our shop and we hope you enjoy what you see!  More than that, we hope you find our products as useful as we do in helping to keep track of your child’s belongings.

Let us hear from you and how you and your family have had fun using our labels.

Until then, Happy Labeling!